Have You Heard?: Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

sign of the times

HARRY STYLES RELEASED A NEW SINGLE! It is about damn time. I haven’t heard this guy’s voice since the end of One Direction, and with all of his bandmates doing their own thing, it was only a matter of time until Harry graced the world with his own music.Β I must admit, however, I am a bit biased toward Harry because he was my first love in a boy band, and I was so convinced that I would marry him one day. (*cough and then #Haylor happened and I was over it *cough cough*)

I first heard theΒ Sign of the Times in the morning whilst cooking breakfast, and my very first impression was, “damn, those high notes, though!” Harry hits all kinds of high notes throughout the song, and it makes me think why didn’t he do all the fancy riffs in the background of 1D’s songs along with Zayn? He would’ve been perfect!

Anyways, back to the song. Sign of the Times has that classic pop/rock vibe that you would totally expect from Styles, himself. Right off the bat, the song starts off with his mellow voice accompanied by a soft piano. It’s almost as if you feel the world falling asleep. Then BAM! Styles hits you with a drum buildup and executes forte electric guitars that bring you back to a David Bowie concert during the rise of glam rock and pop. Along with the powerful instrumentation, this song also sends a powerful message that portrays the inner thoughts and feelings one has during a time of hardship and grief and how to avoid feeling stuck. I honestly can’t wait to hear more of what Styles’ has been working on.

This song does its job and makes you feel and see something, which is why this is a great track. When listening to this song, try closing your eyes. What do you see?

For me, I see myself in the middle of a quiet meadow on a starry night, staring up at the moon, feeling content with life and excited for a huge change that’s yet to come.

If you don’t feel or see anything when this song plays, you’re doing it wrong.

Check out the song below & let me know what you think!

Are you excited for Styles’ return? Which 1D member has the best new single?


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