6 Songs that Make Working Out Suck Less


Working out at the gym is not for everyone. Personally, I’m not one to jump at the opportunity to workout every day. Once in awhile, I’ll get the cardio bug, but that only happens once in a blue moon. These days, music is the only thing that can get me off my butt and onto the treadmill. Music is a huge factor that plays into the quality of my workouts. If the music is lame, then so will my workout. Today, I’m going to share a few of my favorite songs to listen to at the gym, so if you find yourself on the same boat and have no idea what songs to motivate you, here’s a good place to start.


Final Song by MØ

This song was previously featured in a Have You Heard? post, and I think I know the reason why: This is a great song to run to! I never knew what a runner’s high felt like because I hated running. You would never, ever see me on a running rack, but this song can easily get me to run a mile on the treadmill. I feel like the parts of the song that makes this a great running track is the slight echo in the vocals. I feel like the artist is far away and calling out for me and cheering me on. As cliche as it sounds, I feel as if I am running toward the finish line every time I hear this song.

Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King

This song is super sassy and perfect for running away from all of those people that wronged you or are thirsty for you. I feel like this song can go either way with running or strength training. Either way, this song makes you feel like a badass and the most wanted human in the world

There’s Nothin by Sean Kingston feat. The DEY and Juelz Santana

I have to throw in this throwback to the list. This song never fails to keep my spirits up especially when I am putting in work on the treadmill. There is nothing that I hate more than running on a treadmill, and this song makes it a little less painful.

Strength Training

Stay by Zedd feat. Alessia Cara

I can’t believe I’ve only heard this song once on the radio in the morning when NO ONE is awake! It’s such a shame because this is such a good song! It’s very similar to Closer by the Chainsmokers, but Alessia Cara’s otherworldly voice is such a game changer. I feel like this song falls into the strength training category because it is a bit too slow to run to. There are frequent pauses in the song which could disrupt the flow and distract runners.

The Little Things by Big Gigantic and Angela McClusky

I really like to play heavy, girl power-y, and sassy songs when I work out, so this definitely had to make the list. I haven’t looked too much into the lyrics of the song, but the instrumentation, itself, was just enough for me to save to my Spotify playlist.

FU by Miley Cyrus

This songs gives me the chills and the strength to say FU to all of the people that did me wrong in the past. This song puts me into the “get your body right” mood and suddenly I can lift 20 pounds heaver. Songs about revenge typically get me pumped up for an intense workout, and I almost always end up surpassing my goals for the day.

Peep more songs from current gym playlist!

What songs do you like to listen to during your workout?


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