From Night Owl to Early Bird: How to Become a Morning Person


Nothing is more painful than prying your eyes open in the early hours of the morning after a late night out. I know this feeling all too well, especially during my university days when I was either partying it up or studying my life away. Either way, I was never a morning person. I’ve always believed that the best and most creative ideas happen super late at night and although that sounds great and all, being an early bird has all of the productivity perks. Surprisingly, since I started working full-time, I’ve been embracing the early bird life more than being a night-owl. Here’s how I was able to make the switch:

Catch more zzZZ’s!

This is probably the easiest way to become an early bird. Who knew our parents were totally right when they said that if you sleep early, then you will wake up early? Genius.

Stretch it out!

Stretching will slowly help you wake up. I find waking up gradually is the most painless way to wake up in the morning. Sure, setting your alarm to the siren sound at max volume will definitely shock you into consciousness, but that puts a lot of stress and stimulation to the brain and body all at once before it’s ready. As a result, the rest of your morning will continue to feel rushed and you’ll feel as if you’re on a caffeine high before you’ve even had your morning coffee!

Make your bed!

Studies (…my personal experiences) show that a spiffy bed is the first step to feeling more productive simply because you are tidying up a section of your room which will have a domino effect on the way you clean up the rest of your room. It also deters you away from jumping straight into the sheets right after you made the minimum effort to get out of it.

Eat Breakfast!

The things you do in the morning can greatly impact your mood and behavior throughout your day. This also goes for what you eat (if you decide to eat) for breakfast. Try to opt for a heavier meal with tons of nutrients such as omelets and fruit bowls! Also, feel free to grab some waffles or pancakes to soothe the soul, just don’t overdo it, or risk starting your day in a sluggish mood.

Β Dress for Success!

It is so tempting to do your morning errands or go to class in sweats and the shirt you slept in, but this will not only leave you feeling as if you never left your bed, it will also create a bad impression on the people you are meeting with. In college, wearing pajamas to class was considered rude because if your professor and colleagues made the effort to get dressed this morning, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be. I acknowledge that this may be a fashion preference, but if you have the opportunity to put on a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, please take it. Personally, every time I left the house in sweatpants and a pajama blouse, 10/10 times it did not go so well when meeting up with my parents or my friends. Oops.

Of course this is not my complete list of how I (very slowly) became a morning person, but these were very necessary baby steps that I experimented with that helped jumpstart the transition. If you used to be a night owl such as myself and recently made the switch to the early bird life, leave some tips in the comments down below! We all still need the help. I definitely do.


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