Have You Heard?: Liability by Lorde



The last time we talked about Lorde, we were discussing the clashing complexities of her newest single, Green Light. This pas week, Lorde released another new single called Liability, and I must say, I am really feeling this one.

I want to start with addressing the overall message of this song because it is too relatable. Right off the bat, the sing tackles the topic of feeling like you are “too much” for the person that you’re with. A feeling some of us know all too well. The first verse explains how Lorde is reason for the downfalls of her relationships. The chorus continues on, exploring Lorde being a “liability” in her relationships and, overall, being “too much.” Heartbreaking.

This song is so meaningful and very poetically written. Β It’ll definitely hit you in the feels. It is a short song, so the message is clear and to the point. The only knock I have on this song is that I wish there was more of it! At only two minutes, this song leaves you wanting more!

Give it a listen & get ready to feel like shit.



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