Have You Heard?: Final Song by MØ



I’m not usually too big on Electric Dance music (EDM), but if the song has a solid beat, sick melody, and doesn’t make me feel like I’m having a bad trip, I’m all for it.

This past week, my friend Nathan introduced me to MØ. I’ve heard a bit of her sound in Lean On, her collab with Major Lazer and DJ Snake. Although this was a decent and popular song on the radio for a while, I never knew that she was the lead vocals on the track. Out of curiosity, I listened to her album on Spotify, and she has some pretty good stuff in there!

The song that really stood out to me in her album was Final Song. Everything about this song is magic. The melody, simplicity of lyrics, and the change in beats between verse and chorus all work harmoniously to transport you to a different state of mind. When I hear this song, my mind starts to trail off and daydream about summer vacation and jumping in pools while I’m still sitting at my work desk. It’s pretty awesome and unfair at the same time. How dare a song make me feel like I’m about to take a long vacation! Haha.

I haven’t learned the lyrics in its entirety quite yet, but I know it’ll probably get to that point because I’ve added this song to my Morning, Gym, and Work playlists. MØ needs to do more songs on her own, stat!

ps. Does anyone know how to pronounce the Ø? I say it as “Mo,” but I know that’s just the ignorant American English in me. Please help!

Do you like EDM? If so, what makes a good EDM song to you? If not, what is your favorite type of song to listen to when you are (or want to be) on vacation?



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