Have You Heard?: Green Light by Lorde



As I was driving home the other day, the radio hosts announced that Lorde had dropped a new single called Green Light. I was instantly super stoked to hear it because Lorde produced tons of great music and radio hits! Plus, it’s been awhile since the world heard a new song from her!

About 1 minute into the song, I knew this song was going to be good because the verse was so mysterious and catchy. It had a nice, chill groove to it. There was a solid melody and every element was cohesive. I thought, “oh yeah, this is gonna hit the feels.”

And then it all fell apart.

The chorus and even the verse leading up to the chorus were totally disconnected from the verses. It’s almost awkward and uncomfortable to listen to. Initially, I thought that maybe I’m just not used to this kind of composition and that this is something I’m not familiar with. After listening to the song three times over, I still got the same cringe-y feeling in the same parts of the song. The transition to the chorus is so sudden and it hits you out of nowhere. Although this song does not necessarily appeal to my ears, I still think that the “awkward” parts of the song are what makes it a stroke of pure genius. I have always believed that if an art piece makes you stop and think about whether you like it or not, it’s a good piece. This song makes you do that, which is why I’m giving it props.

Blogger’s note: “Music Mondays” have been renamed to “Have You Heard?” which will now focus on new releases from top artists and music from small/independent artists. Music posts will now be posted more frequently and sporadically. Same musical content, different name*

Name a time when you didn’t know if you liked a song or not! I would love to read about it!


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