Freewrite Friday: Knowing When to Say No


So, I have made a very shocking discovery… Did you know that you are allowed to say “no” to your manager? For some people, this is totally obvious, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has trouble saying “no” to authority. I always tend to shy away from completely saying no in fear of letting my team down, but this week I had to make a decision that would affect my relationships and how I would find time to run my blog and channel. Even though I was tempted to just roll with the punches on this one, I had to really think because this change could affect when I could see my family or my boyfriend, etc. I couldn’t possibly imagine my life where I did not have the time to see the people I care about.

I had never said no to my manager before, but finally saying what was really on my mind was the most liberating feeling in the world. In fact, I feel what’s more powerful than saying no is being able to say yes, but under your own conditions. Do y’all understand how powerful and amazing that is, especially when you’re talking with someone who has more power than you? That takes so much courage and guts, my friend. In that moment, YOU’RE THE BOSS.

In the end, my manager and I did come to an agreement that I would take on the task at hand, but under one condition: that it will not touch my blog, youtube, and life at home. Life is about to change again for me, but just know that your girl is here to stay.

When was the last time you were afraid to say no, but decided to take matters into your own hands & felt great? Share your story down below!


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