Favorite Up and Coming YouTube Channels of 2017

Being a YouTuber is hard work. Editing and uploading take up a huge chunk out of your time and planning and filming videos require strategy and scheduling. For a lot of creators, it’s so much more than just picking up a camera and editing footage. It is a lifestyle, a passion, and a career. Nowadays, everyone is trying to be a YouTuber, but there are very few who make it out on top or stand out. Here are 5 of my favorite YouTubers that I’ve been watching nonstop and I believe are going to do big things in 2017!

  1. Vagabond Youth amylee
    Amy Lee is a fashion and beauty vlogger from Los Angeles and a UCLA alum. What sets her apart from other beauty gurus on YouTube is her laid back and edgy vibe. She speaks to her audience as if they are with her in the room and it’s as if her videos are not scripted at all. I love that she is not afraid to showcase her good days as well as her bad days. She doesn’t depict her life to be absolutely perfect which brings authenticity to her channel. She leaves her bloopers and brain farts in her videos and it is the best thing ever. She is a style icon and big sister to everyone and an awesome friend to kick back with. Check out her channel here!
  2. Adriana Renee
    Okay, I have a slight bias because Adriana is my long-distance friend haha. However, I wouldn’t give just anyone a shout out unless I truly believed in them, friend or not. Adriana is a lifestyle and Disney blogger from the OC and a Vanguard alum. Although Adriana belongs to the beauty and lifestyle niche, what makes her different is the fact that she also makes videos about Disneyland and/or Disney related topics. You can expect to see Adriana at Disneyland with her sister taking selfies with Peter Pan or in the front row of Mickey and the Magical Map. I love her aesthetic and her bubbly personality. Check out her channel here!
  3. Bart & Geo
    Probably the funniest and most adorable couple on YouTube right now. Bart & Geovanna Kwan (aka The Beaws) are part of the Just Kidding Films and Barbell Brigade squads. They are a fun-loving couple who love to work out and get on each other’s nerves. Recently, they vacationed in Europe and visited numerous countries such as Germany, Amsterdam, and Italy. I’ve been watching them for awhile, and it’s just heartwarming and entertaining to watch their relationship grow and to see all of the growing pains that come with married life. If you haven’t yet, now is a perfect time to binge watch their videos because *spoiler alert* Geo has just announced that she and Bart are pregnant, and best believe they are going to make the next 9 months a crazy and hilarious adventure with Baby Beaw on the way! Join in on the adventure here!
  4. Video Influencers
    Have you ever dreamt of starting your own YouTube channel, but not sure of where to start? Do you already have a channel and want to grow your channel and audience, but don’t know how? Well, Sean Cannell and Benji Travis got you covered! Video Influencers is THE channel everyone who wants to build their business and brand online has been praying for. If you have ever searched “how to grow your youtube channel” or something of that sort, Video Influencers has all the answers you need. They explain online and marketing strategies and break it down and simplify it to a point where you don’t even need a business degree to understand. Best of all, they explain why these strategies work. I, along with thousands of other watchers, swear by this channel and that it will definitely help guide you to growing your channel and/or online business. They hold frequent webinars, live video streams, interviews, and really focus on building community. Video Influencers is more than just a how-to channel. They are mentors and motivators who truly believe in your success in building your business and brand online. Check out their tips here!
  5. SeeKaysee
    Christina is such a beautiful and lovely soul. She’s a vegan beauty and lifestyle vlogger who’s into yoga, traveling, and using all natural beauty products. What really drew me into her channel was her insane editing and graphic design skills. She makes most, if not all, of her graphics in her videos herself. She is a truly gifted artist. Another thing I love about her channel is that she puts her own spin on videos you’d think would be just sit down videos. One example of this is her Behind the Scenes video. She actually filmed her behind the scenes process while answering the tag questions in a voice over. I honestly love how her channel is starting to focus on vegan and all-natural lifestyles. She also addresses her struggles with anxiety and insecurities which adds true authenticity to her channel. Her voice is soothing to listen to and her stories are very inspiring to engage with. Christina has such a kind heart that translates seamlessly on video and that is what sets her apart from the others. Check her out here!

Are you obsessed with the YouTube realm as I am? If so, who are your favorite people to watch! Leave comments down below! 😀


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