Music Monday: Wine and Dine

When I’m not with the boyfriend, I like to treat dinner as if I’m taking myself on a date. I’ll prepare a decent meal, pour a fancy drink, and put on some mood lighting, and watch YouTube videos. Now, I know this all sounds super extra for eating by myself, but I believe pampering yourself is necessary and extremely relaxing. My boyfriend and I live pretty far away from each other, so of course we can’t be together all the time.

Lately I’ve come to learn that watching YouTube videos is great and all, but by the time that 4-minute video is over, so is my meal. This week, I really wanted to change this habit of scarfing down my food without even thinking about it and turn off the distractions and really focus all of my attention on my meal.

Now that Valentine’s Day is in less than 24 hours, I can imagine that some of you out there will be wining and dining by yourselves since the holiday lands on a weeknight. Some of you may scoff at the idea of turning a meal for one into a huge ordeal, but in fact, it’s not silly at all. It’s a great way to relax and whether you have a bae or not, a fancy meal could make a meal of one less lonely. Sitting in dim light in complete silence is a little awkward and quite lonely. So of course, I turned to Spotify. I came across this playlist called Wine and Dine and it’s a genius compilation of mellow and jazzy songs that are perfect for winding down and playing in the background. This playlist gives me those fancy-restaurant-first-date kind of feels that’s all too perfect when enjoying your own company over a nice dinner. Check it out below!

What do you usually do when you’re having dinner for one? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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