Freewrite Friday: The Secret to Staying Consistent

Last week, we talked about switching up out of our routines to allow a new surge of inspiration and motivation to flow through. For today’s free write, I actually wanted to follow up on that conversation and discuss more on how to maintain this creative flow once the initial spark of inspiration has passed.

One tip that every YouTuber and blogger swears by is to be consistent. This tip is simple, just keep posting. However, this is easier said than done. When I get a surge of energy, I try to make the most of it and crank out as many videos and blog post ideas that I can before it runs out. I imagine this to be exactly like when you get the star power-up in Mario Kart. You’re colorful and sparkly af and nothing can get in your way. But, like all power-ups, it eventually runs out. I hate to say it, but this is the same with creativity and motivation. It is ultimately up to you to maintain the creativity or reignite the spark.

This past week, I’ve been trying my hardest in filming and editing new videos and writing more and more blog posts ahead of time. I hate to admit it, but I can sense my creativity slowing down a bit. It’s very discouraging to think about your creativity running out, but like exercising, when you get tired, take a 30-second break to catch your breath, then get your ass back up again and go even harder.

I agree that consistency is key when you want to keep your community engaged and coming back for more, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it is so much harder than it looks and are quick to call it laziness. Life happens and sometimes you need to miss a day or two. It’s a different story when you let the delay drag on and decide not to post altogether because “too much time has passed.”

This is also why bloggers, YouTubers, and people who are self-employed are remarkable people. They are able to stay consistent by creating a schedule or timeline and stick to it as if it is a regular day job. They show up and are present when they don’t have to be, but they do it because it is their passion, they care about their community, and it’s their own business! It is a priority in their lives, and I think that the not-so-secret formula to being consistent is to give a fuck about whatever you’re doing. The more you care about your craft and the amazing work you are putting out into the world, consistency should not even be a concern. Will the Monday blues get the best of you from time to time? Hell yeah, but it’s up to you to muster up the strength to keep on going because consistency is freaking hard.

Keep on going. The only thing worse than failure is not trying at all.
Don’t quit before you’ve started.

[[[Mic drop]]]


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