Top Productivity Tools to Help you Win at College and in Life

Let’s face it, studying by reading hard cover text books and writing notes down on a piece of paper is becoming more obsolete as technology advances. Although some people may swear by this method, college lectures and assignments are rapidly making their way online. Personally, it is nearly impossible for me to record a 2-hour lecture completely by hand. While hand written notes make you more aware of the information you are writing, it is not an efficient way of getting sh*t done in college. Here are a few resources that are guaranteed to increase your productivity and organization not only in college, but in life.


Mendeley is a program that allows you to store pdfs and take notes, highlight, and annotate them on the spot. You can also organize the pdfs based on topic, class, or even author. The best part of this program is that it automatically creates a reference page for you to copy and paste. This program is a life and time saver. I only heard about this program during my last year of college, and I am still bitter that I was not introduced to this sorcery sooner. I would’ve saved so much printer ink and time.


Evernote is a note taking program that allows you to, well, take notes. The cool thing about Evernote is that you can format your notes in any way you want by changing up the font, highlighting, adding lists, tables, and attaching extra files. You can also organize notes by adding tags or sorting them into notebooks. I wasted so much time taking notes through the basic notes program on my laptop and they were boring to look at, unorganized, and I never opened my notes again. AFK? You can also view your notes through the mobile app.



There were so many times when Quizlet saved my ass in college. Quizlet is an online site where you can create your own flashcards for absolutely anything. The reason why this site is useful for studying and tests is because it can automatically generate practice tests, quizzes, and memory games to help you study. This is how I really knew what topics I struggled with. Another great thing about this site is that most flashcards are made public and there could be a high chance that someone already made a flash card set on the same topic in the past. That way, if your notes aren’t perfect, you’ll have access to another perspective. Believe me, I was a terrible student, but you couldn’t tell because I studied my ass off of someone else’s flashcards online.

Passion Planner 


My Passion Planner has become my best friend. I went a year without it, and planning just wasn’t as fun anymore. If you have trouble remembering dates and/or terrible with time management, this tool is definitely necessary. This planner focuses on setting your own personal goals and projects and provides a ton of space for task lists, monthly reflections, and passion roadmaps. The weekly spread is an hourly design from 6am to 11pm, so there is a lot of room to schedule your day from the moment you wake up to when it’s lights out.


For all of the rough nights where you have no choice but to sleep at 5am and wake up at 8am, there is a tool for that. is a website that actually calculates the best times for you to go to sleep or wake up according to your sleep cycles. All you have to do is set a time when you want to wake up or when you want to go to sleep and the site will generate the best times to wake up or go to sleep so that you don’t rudely wake up to an alarm in the middle of a sleep cycle. Abruptly waking up after only a few hours of sleep is definitely one of the most painful feelings in this world, and prevents that. It’s a great tool to plan out your naps 


Rainy cafe is another easy site to use and is perfect for those who find background noise and ambience beneficial to their productivity. Music can get very distracting and can cause your mind to go off topic and can actually distract you. Rainy cafe only provides two background sounds: rain and cafe. You can adjust the volume on both sounds to create your perfect ambience and get work done distraction-free.
What tools helped/help you through college? Everyone could use a little something to make their lives easier! Drop some knowledge in the comments and share the love!

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