Freewrite Friday: A New Space

So it is the first Friday of the month again, and I am feeling quite motivated today! Not only did everything with work settle down, but also I’m writing this post from a completely different computer. I guess you could say that the highlight of my week was splurging on a Macbook Pro. I did it for many reasons: I needed a stronger laptop for video editing, I wanted to donate my laptop to my sister, I could finally afford it, and I wanted to try something other than windows. I must admit that getting this computer made my wallet hurt, but I know I made a good purchase because I am feeling a new surge of energy and a clean start. My old computer weighed nearly 5 pounds and was too big for most bags, but now I am able to take my work anywhere and work whenever I want.

I acknowledge that this feeling of starting anew in a new work space does not solely come from buying a new laptop. it could also come from starting a new journal or notebook, finding a new spot to study, writing with a new pen, or even rearranging your room. There’s power in changing up the environment around you. Straying away from your normal once in awhile does wonders for your soul. I’m the type of person who can’t stay in one place for a long time or I’ll go insane. from time to time, I’ll find myself deep cleaning my room, donating some stuff or rearranging my desk. By cleaning up or changing up your space, you’re letting in new vibes and allowing yourself to see things in a different light.

Overall, I’m glad I made this investment and I can’t wait embark on this journey until I need to upgrade again. haha

TL;DR – I got a new laptop because I was bored of my old one. Now I have no excuse to not post regularly because this thing is portable. Also, change up your space. It’s good for you.

This post contains affiliate links, so if you click a link and make a purchase, I will make a small commission that will go toward the creating and maintenance of this blog. Thank you!


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